Kilrathi Saga help


Guys I can't get any joystick to work under Windows XP and Kilrathi saga. I've tried a USB joystick, which it doesn't detect at all in the game.

I also tried an old Logitech Wingman port joystick, but the only thing that does is scroll down and to the right so fast on the in-game menus that I can't play with it. It doesn't work at all in the in-game.

Any ideas?


Logitech Wingman port joystick
- try "Ctril-J" to config your joystick setting. It seems it only can solve "gameport" joystick problem. Can not solve USB joystick problem

And I also got the poblem of "Can get USB joystick work on Winxp & Kilrathi Sega" ...
Anyone can help ....


Some more information

My gameport joystick works
- Kilrathi Sega
- Wing Commander IV
- Prophecy & Secret Ops

My USB joystick only works
- only on "Prophecy" and "Secret Ops"

Anyone ideas ....!?!?