Kilrathi Grand Fleet


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On #wingnut today we decided to try and figure out what we could make out of the Kilrath Grand Fleet that is visible near the end of WC3.

You can see at least 5 dreadnoughts (we have 3 names...and Thrakhath's flagship enters from frame left shortly after these images) and perhaps as many as 10 orbital stations (look directly above the 3 dreadnoughts just to the lower right of center and you can see the first few fairly clearly then the others are on the other side of the frame) around Kilrah.

Anyone want to help break down the images?

Like what is between the dreadnoughts and the orbital stations on the right? To me it looks like the Victory model without a conning tower in Kilrathi colors.

As well as the Behemoth looking objects in the lower left...

EDIT: Here's the link to the vid in the holovids section.


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the problem is, that these pictures or even the cutscenes are not detailed enough to determine the ship models.

what we need here is probably at least the 3DO version.


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it is possible to watch the videos of the 3do version without playing to that point - theres a handy cheat ;) i'll see if i can get a copy via fraps and freedo tonight


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These shots are from the ESRB tape and the PSX version respectively. They both offer different kinds of detail. There's detail that's just too fuzzy overall on the ESRB tape but the ESRB tape also has a higher resolution and so has less blocky edges. The 3D0 verson might have some extra detail but is also relatively low res.


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After looking at these images here's what I've come up with.

Those Dreadnoughts are some type of different ship/model because they're missing part of the midsection of the hull. Perhaps some type of different ship? (It is safe to say we haven't seen all the ships because at that time the Kilrathi were gearing up for an assault.) Kinda like how Confed had never seen the Dreadnaught until WC3.

The only ships I can clearly identify is the Relaxath Destroyer in SS#1.
A Ralarrad Destroyer in SS#2 (To the Left)
A Bhantkara Kilrathi Carrier in SS#2 (To the Left)

Although I do see how you believe they're Dreadnoughts (Seeing how we never seen anything else other than that for that specific type of shape) especially during the destruction of Kilrah (Can we get screens of those?) I believe we see a a few Fralthi IIs taking chunks from the planet explosion.


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Red numbers are the dreadnoughts I could identify. Number 4 is hard to make out in this image but zoom in on the holovids clip and it's easier to see. 5 is Thrakhath's dreadnought about to enter from screen left.

The light green numbers are the "stations" we identified.

The purple numbers are potential's difficult to tell what they are.

The yellow box is the weird shape I think is the Victory model without a conning tower...or something similar.

The green outlined area are the 3 behemoth-y things.


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Here's a lil doctored image....hope you don't mind.

6.) Bhantkara Carrier

7's.) Ralarrad Destroyers

8.) Fralthi II (enters scene)

looks like they're behind the Relaxath while chit chatting about taking over earth blah blah blah :D

When Thrakkaths Hvarkann enters do u notice what looks like a Small corvette hovering next to it?


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I think the three 'Behemoths' on the left are dreadnaughts in formation--prongs to their left facing downward.


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I think the three 'Behemoths' on the left are dreadnaughts in formation--prongs to their left facing downward.

I agree that would seem likely.

Do we have any info of a number of dreadnoughts, that perhaps correspond to a number of high ranking officials?

I.E: the different sects of Kilrathi rank? Kiranka, blah blah, etc.. etc

I'm not really too privy on the info


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The interior shot actually seems to have a better view of the fleet. You can definitely see more details through the window.


looks like the Victory model without a conning tower
Behemoth looking objects
Those Dreadnoughts are [...] missing part of the midsection of the hull.
These sound as if there was some kitbashing going on, which is quite common for "massive fleet pictures" like this... on the other hand, weren't those sequences all computer rendered, instead of made out of actual models? Still, even for 3D models they could have used a kitbashing-approach to cut down on costs of designing entirely new ships for just one short scene.