Kilrathi Dreadnought 2.0

Capn Johnny

Cap'n Johnny


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Rogue Leader
Thanks again! Even with the mistake...

Why don't you just go and make a thread with all the pictures of the ships that you have? Please?


Mr. Standoff
Yep, that'd be pretty cool. Maybe even put a page in the articles section like the SWC ships of the day?
(I could use some reference side/top/front pictures of the Fralthra for Standoff, too :p)

Capn Johnny

Cap'n Johnny
Sorry.. that Ralatha is as Ultra-High-Detailed as you'll get from such an old 3ds model..

actually its quite high-poly.. just that the original textures suXor..

And as for renders of everything.. Hmm.. maybe.. but man, that would take alot of spare time..



Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Do you have a working Fralthra model, Captain? My one makes 3D programs die when they try to load it (anfralthra.3ds or somesuch).