Kilrathi concept dralthi Bg image

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Please tell me what da you think about this art by me from original concept posted earlier on CIC


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Vice Admiral
The wings on the ship on the right need a little better shading and the lines on the inside of the wing shouldn't be as bright.

I like the rest of the image tho. Very cool! :)

Lazy Panda

The shape looks nice, but the painting is a bit too hard-wired for my taste. Make a nice painting for the wings and it'll be good.


Vice Admiral
nice composition...maybe get closer in on the fighters though, and tone down the refelction on the planet. its not natural looking at all. i like the sun, i like the modeling on the fighter. Feng though, not the best for capturing the feel of Wing Commander. As much as i love his work (he's a freaking god) his style doesn't really fit WC very well. oh well. good job overall. just, i'd look into some more tuts on lighting in space and stuff.

Brad Mick


Master of Orion
agreed on the reflection with Brad. It needs to be tweaked. Also fighters look to be self-shining, the look very bright on the overall background. Some shading would be nice, will make them more realistic.

And I love the sun, the sun is really nice there ;)

But anyway good work out there.


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
The fighter to the right looks like the wireframe is layered over the texture.


Hey folks, don't get angry on me becasue of that Batplane design, It wasn't my idea :D I'V taken into account the noteworthy words and I'v made some adjustments. Update comeing up soon. And thanx for the ideas


(to the fighters)Come to meeeee, come to meeeee!
'cause I shure as hell can't see mutch from this far out!
consider this; the item you spent the most time and effort on takes up about 7% of the space in your picture... I think they deserve more than 7%, don't you?


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
If you want to show off your art - I suggest a closer picture of the subject.


Hehe, everyone's missing a closeup? LoL Guess why i didn't post one already! I dunno how to make it correctly detailed thats why! :(


Update: Sun's postwork is worse then ever... i dunno how i made the first :(
As i asid before, JPG compression is killin some detail though :(


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This is an interesting modified dralthi. I think its actually quite good. All the visible lines on the exterior of the fighter kind of remind me of the sharp angles of the F117 stealth fighter. This combined with the dark brown colour make me picture this as a sort of stealth variant of the dralthi.


Mr Kat says...
lorddarthvik said:
...As i asid before, JPG compression is killin some detail though :( ...
Great work! Would you consider making a short video rendering?

Regarding the JPEG compression -- what's limiting your pics to 100KB? The forum's attachment feature or your hosting provider? I'd recommend ImageShack for image hosting: anonymous uploads up to 1024KB and if you register (just e-mail and password) for free you can keep track of your images.



Lazy Panda

The Fly said:
They somehow remind me of TIE-fighters... I wonder why? :D

That's probably because the wing drawings looks like panels... The TIEs had all black panels, this fighter has brown ones.

Oh, the new picture looks a bit better, but I'm just not familiar with the panel-look.


C'mon panda, take a look at the concept drawing, and then at other dralthi modells made by other members. There are PANELS, either you like it or not. soooory :( but thats the truth


Vice Admiral
hmm...i liked when they were moving away better. the planet is still...not right. also, you might look at setting up a different light rig too. or at least get more light pulling out some of the darks on the ship. it'll help pop the figthers out a bit more.