Jutland-class Fleet Attack Carrier


It sounds like he's saying something positive about those screenshots.

And my comment didn't mean that it needs shinemaps, but rather that the model should be reconverted without smoothshading or an autofacet angle of 50-40° or less.


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Happy birthday Lynx! :D

You spending your bday at home or you have to go back to Army stuff later tonight?


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Happy birthday, man :)

As for the Jutland, it's mostly (totally? :p) an angular design, so I'd say no more than 30 degree smoothing or so. Should be enough to round out the engines, the antennas, and the front of the bridge.


On those blue scoops: I'm pretty sure those are the Bussard ramscoops. This is just a guess, however. When you see something about a scoop or fuel scoop in WC, it's talking about a Bussard ramscoop, as far as I know. It dates back to the early days of space exploration, a method for gathering hydrogen fuel for space travel, particularly interstellar travel. They could also be shield generators.'

In any case, it's a fantastic model.


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Hey Psych,
Awesome model for the Jutland!

I noticed that the Jutland has some sort of Ventral access to the landing bay (a hole in the roof!), kinda like the Confederation-class. What is this for, shuttles, or vertical take-off or something else entirely?

Thanks guys