Jutland-class Fleet Attack Carrier

i dont know about yall but seeing that ship, i'm in love :p

defantly a 5 Star design

but please correct me if i'm wrong on this
the concordia and ranger class ships the contower was on the left side(ingame i mean) was the the case in blue prints or concepts cause i see everyone with mod teams having the towers on right right(starboard) side of the ships
(to confirm this though i'm going to reinstall the games, been a while since i've played so i want to make sure i'm not wrong in what i remember)
Or you could just go here and select the relevant ship.

I thought this was explained as a way to make it more modern like the Vesuvius (whos tower is on the other side).

Edit: Never noticed but the Standoff screenshot of the Lady Lex does have the tower on the wrong side, unless of course we are looking at it upside down :)

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Chernikov said:
Ive got a couple "what are theys"
-the chin mount?
-the bulges off to the side
-the big square thing with blue in the middle of the top of the deck just forward of the bridge tower

and can you retexture to include some more of the cool blue glowing scoops?

-There's a capship missile launcher going to be on the chin. And an AMG turret behind it.
-The bulges on the side? They are just bulges...if you want to know more, you'll ahve to get a higher security clearence :p
-I think you talk about that sunken in area with the blue frame. I dunno what it is, but other carriers have something similar, and no one knows what's it good for there as well :p

Well, I think it has enough blue glowing scoops. It's like with women's breasts: Two are enough :D
Strikes me that blue square could be a hanger opening for landing a transport, like we see in the Movie when the Diligent lands on the Tiger's Claw. You know, for ships that are to big to fit through the hanger opening.

Just a thought. That was my first opinion of it when I looked at the model.
well if i remember correctly the hanger was as wide as the hanger entrance all the way from one end to the other with what looked like elevator/shutter doors on the sides amid ships for fighter recovery(kinda like a Naval carrier where they have the elevators to bring the fighters up to the launch deck)

but thats just my assessment
Well it is just speculation, and on that it's certainly possible that somewhere in the middle of the ship you have a slightly larger width for the hanger. But again, that's just me speculating.

They do move fighters around and work on them inside the ships, somewhere. But yeah, it was just a thought.
I thought the doors on the sides were just fighter bays? It seemed that the launch deck was where things happened, and unlike the Concordia/Midway I never remember ships being worked on elsewhere...
Here's an ingame screenshot showing both

a) A Jutland against Tolwyns beautiful planet backgrounds

b) why I passionately hate almost every single aspect of Freespace's lighting. I hope thw SCP team does something to make it looks less awful.