Jutland-class Fleet Attack Carrier


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I was recently brought on to provide Technical Advice and one of my mini-jobs is to act as a liason between the WC Saga Team and the rest of the WC Fan Community. And my first "PR" duty is to start this thread to publically unveil the latest work of WC Saga and the first of a class of new ships that has their basis and foundation in WC canon.

The first is the Jutland-class CVA, a Fleet Attack Carrier that entered service between WC1 and WC2 times. Named after famous sea battles, notable ships are the Jutland, Trafalgar (End Run novel), and the Leyte Gulf (Fleet Action novel). Other sister ships include (but are not limited to) the Coral Sea, Tsushima, and the Gibraltar.

Length is still being debated but it's around 750-800 meter range. Armament is the modernized “WC3” loadout: 2 Anti-Matter Turrets, 2 IFF Missile Turrets, and 10 Laser Turrets. Its original trio of flak cannons were replaced by missile turrets and lasers. Complement is 90 aircraft.

We didn’t want to make this a radical ship, but rather, we intended this design to blend in both WC3 and WC2 ship design. The bow borrows a lot from the Confederation-class dreadnoughts, but also has a fly-through launch bay just like the Concordia and Ranger carriers. The side conning tower is a tribute to the Victory and the Lexington, and its location near the stern serves as an inspiration to the later Vesuvius-class supercarriers. Here are the pictures.




It should be noted that the ship model and textures are the real model, and what it looks like is exactly what you’ll see in WC Saga. For purely “showoff” purposes and to connect the novel to the views, we have named this the TCS Trafalgar in spite of WC3 era paintjob that has no basis in WC2 times. The WC Saga Campaign will feature another Jutland-class carrier.

Small changes are needed to this model, such as workable turret models, and the small shift of the rear name from top to bottom of the launch bay near the stern.

Lastly, this disclaimer will be said and you will see it again whenever we unveil our other new vessels. It will be arrogant to say that this vessel ship design is canon. The existance is the vessel itself is canon and undeniable, but the concept art was never shown to us and it was up to us to figure out what it looked like. What you are seeing now is merely an artist’s interpretation, and one that we hope is the most qualified for the time being.

Credits are as follows: concept art and blueprints by psych, modeling and textures by Lynx. And I am going to say this now to squash any questions/rumors before they start, Concordia had nothing to do with this design nor will she ever.


Hrm, didn't they have a Trafalgar in WCA TV already? Anyway, I like the underside especially. For some reason, though, the flight deck openings look too small. Then again, they always did look kinda crappy in the games.


Hmm, I expected more of a Bengal influence. Still, it's very nice, and probably my favorite of the new ships.


Yeah, the flight deck is more narrow than on fleet carriers like the Concordia class, but it allows simultaneous launch of at least 2 craft, same as the Concordia class, the main fleet carrier of the confeds. And the hangarbays you saw in WC3/4 aren't really representative since the ships ingame were about 1/3 to 1/2 smaller than they should've been according to the blueprints.


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GeeBot said:
Hrm, didn't they have a Trafalgar in WCA TV already?

Yes, but as we all know WCA took place in 2654, and the Trafalgar, a Bengal-class, in that episode was destroyed. End Run took place in 2667 and they had a second Trafalgar, the Jutland-class. That bit the dust too.

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You have to hand it to Confed, they certainly have a knack for getting their fleet carriers blown up.


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I Like it, it's a nice blend between a Confederation Class and a Concordia class. Very pleasing to the eye.


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The model looks great!

The design is very Victory/Princeton-like. Only stronger. Very well done.


Glad to see that. I'm posting a thread about it on the HLP board too. Why should just the CIC guys have all the fun. ;)

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Nice design. :)

Just a small question though, could you post a schematic view with the turrets highlighted in red? The layout I see from the pictures seem to have a lot of blind spots for turret coverage.(Unless the things can elevate downward, which I've never seen done with a WC capship)


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What would be the original armament when they were introduced in 2657 Psych?

Also, If I may, you should probably add a laser turret between the tailfins if a enemy wants to attack from dead on at the flight deck.


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Ok, so everyone likes it. Good. Now how would everyone like to see that in WC2 colors? :p


I thought the single flight deck was something they dropped in the K-War (End Run says something about current design calling for three or four flight decks) but that aside IT ROCKS. Kitbashes are something that are hard to make look good but W00T for you. :)

Ive got a couple "what are theys"
-the chin mount?
-the bulges off to the side
-the big square thing with blue in the middle of the top of the deck just forward of the bridge tower

and can you retexture to include some more of the cool blue glowing scoops?