Jotunheim 3


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Game: Wing Commander: Secret Missions

Mission: Jotunheim 3

The game guide isn't particularly helpful when it comes to this mission... how did you pass this horrific mission? I have yet to pass it, honestly.

A tactic I've come up with, but haven't tried just yet, is going towards NAV 1, destroying the Gratha, then sending Spirit home, beelining for the Gwenhyvar and shooting at it until it's dead, then running like a startled cat in a lightning storm.

Any tips/tactics/tricks for yours truly? Feel free to post 'em. Many thanks in advance.

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Hi guys. I'm new to the Wing Commander world but am enjoying playing the Saga. I recently finished WC 1 but now, I'm really stuck on Jotunheim 3 of SM 1. What do you have to do to beat this mission? No matter what I do, or how many times I toast the exeter, I always come back give the report, get a medal, and then have that meeting with the Colonel in his office where I'm then in a scimatar on the losing path. Am I missing something? I've tried everything short of destroying every single enemy ship. I don't think I'm that good enough of a pilot yet. Always run out of afterburner fuel. The closest I've done was destroy the wing of gratha, jalthi, rapiers, the exter, and then avoided the krants on the way home. What do I need to do to beat this mission and move on? Really frustrating. Any help would be aprreciated.

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Quite simply, you don't need to win the mission -- it has no effect on the game. Whether or not you progress in The Secret Missions is decided by the first two missions (Jotunheim 1 & 2). If you're losing after Jotunheim 3, it means you screwed something up in 1 or 2.


I ignored the fighters around the Exeter and just went straight for it. The tactic I used to do this was to close at the normal rate on the fighters, afterburn pass as they turn to follow you, slow and fire off missles/guns at the Exeter. Then bolt in a different direction and then come back and do it over again. I must have made 5 or 6 passes before I finally killed the ship. You do have to watch your fuel levels though, and be prepared to do evasives all the way to the target and back out.
Did it this way since I didnt have much luck of ever whittling down the fighter defenses. Spirit you should just send home as soon as you drop out of auto pilot if you havent already.


Like LOAF said, if you succeed in the third mission but still get put on the retreat path, then something had to go wrong on one of the first two missions. According to the online game guide, the first one involves escorting a Drayman; that's probably the one.

As for the actual mission, the only advice I can give you is to save your missiles for the Rapiers; use them to take out one or two, and then you'll be fighting on even odds. If you finish off the Exeter and don't feel up to taking on more enemies on the way back to the Claw, perhaps you could back track through Nav 1 and by-pass them. I don't know if that would's been a while since I played it.

Straying slightly off-topic: Earlier on in SM1, I think one of the pilots in the bar refers to the Gwenhyvar being taken several years earlier in the war. One question that was always in the back of my head was, "How the heck did they get those brand-new Rapiers?"

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Thanks guys. Wow do I feel stupid. I thought the sm missions were win-lose go forwards go backwards. That makes sense though. Oh well. I've played that level far too much. A little back tracking and replaying levels will be welcome. Thanks for the insights also. My strategy was to take out the first rapier you meet head on (you can fire your load before him and duck out in time without taking much damage). Then I'd afterburn back and forth popping off missiles and volleys where you can until you start singling out the heavily damaged rapiers and destroy them all until it's just you and the exeter. Fuel is crucial.