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A cruise liner hits a reef leaving two men and one woman marooned on a tropical island.
Two weeks of hot nights pass with the men enjoying themselves with the woman, whereupon she says:-
“This is disgusting”
and kills herself.
Another two weeks of hot tropical nights pass, when the first man says to the second:-
“This is really disgusting. Let´s bury her.”
Two more weeks of hot steamy nights pass and the second man says to the first:-
“No. THIS is f…… disgusting. Let´s dig her up again!”


In a bar, a skinhead in a black leather jacket sits at a table. "I hate gipsies" is written on the back of his jacket.A gipsy walks up to him and sais:
-Whadda written on ya, huh, huh,???
THe skinhead replies:
-This is the first thing i hate in your kind: you can't read.
- Why is that written on ya, huh, huh ???
-Thats the second thing i hate about your kind, that you never understand anything.
-Yeah!?! Then come out and play ya moddaf***er.- The gipsy pulls out a 30cm knife.
The skinhead calmly replies:
-Now thats the third thing i hate about your kind. You allways pull a knife, when the SHOOTING STARTS. :)

(note:im not a rassist. no offense meant)


Bear is having a crap in the woods. He looks down and sees a little bunny having a crap next to him. Bear turns to the rabbit and says,

"do you find when you are having a crap that it gets stuck to your fur??"

"Not at all" replies the rabbit.

"Good" says the bear, picks him up and wipes his arse with him. Ha Ha Ha.

Have you ever looked up Blair and Bush in the dictionary??

They are right there between Butt and Balls


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Why does Michael Jackson like twenty eight year olds?

Because there's twenty of them.


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How does Preacher screw in a lightbulb?

Who cares - Preacher eats dick.


Peace Through Superior Firepower
How many roaches does it take to screw in a light bulb?

No one knows. As soon as the light comes on, they all scatter.


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A warning might be worthwhile at this point - LeHah being LeHah, his little joke about Preacher isn't worth taking seriously. However if people do start using this thread as an excuse to insult other CZers, I will close it (as well as any subsequent jokes-thread-resurrection attempts).

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In all fairness, LeHah did ask me first if he could post is joke.

LeHah is a responsible joke father.


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I'm bringing this thread back because I feel we need a joke thread, and rather than make a new one and anger the Admin, I thought it would be better to reactivate this one.

Why does Blair seem wooden in the WC Games?

Because he's a Puppet for you own needs :D

Bad I know, but I leave the floor for you to entertain us

bigbad bubba

hers a joke

so kerry walks into a bar and thew bartender says "hey why the long face?" and kerry says "well i just lost an election." the the bartender says "what for ugliest horse?" {just a joke no hard fellings to kerry supporters}


McGruff said:
Congratulations LeHah!!!!
I also give him my congratulations, but only because it is a necessary cultural ritual. In reality, I believe that his joke is hideous and will bring only hate and doom to the world.

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The Pope, the Queen of England and the Captain of the Titanic choosing which fan projects they're going to play.

"I'll play the Privateer Remake", says the Pope, "because in my job I understand the importance of keeping old traditions, but also modifying them to appeal to younger generations."

"I'll play Standoff", says the Queen of England, "because like I do for England, it represents a much greater era of accomplishment for Wing Commander."

"I'm going to play Saga", says the Captain of the Titanic, "because I drove a ship into an iceberg."
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