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Another fan role playing game that has been around for a while is the Black Lance HQ. They use both message board and occasional chat style sessions to carry out their stories. In the past the club has also written various bits of fan fiction. Some parts of their web site are out of date, but they have been consistently trying to hold weekend story sessions for some time. They occur on Saturday evenings beginning around 9:30 Eastern US time when members can get together. Information on their backstory and how to join can be found at their website.
The dark past of the original Lance weighs heavily upon veterans that survived the purge and destruction of that original unit and it forever drives them forward to seek the new goal of the lance. Deeper still in the ultimate goals of the Black Lance is redemption...the drive and hunger to rectify and repent the sins of the past and one day again bring the Black Lance out into the open as the true elite warriors of humanity -- the protectors and defenders of the seed of man that spreads ever outward into unknown space.

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This is an actual press release that should have been done months ago.

Things are going splendedly! The original encounter with the Nephilim at Kilra ended in a crushign defeat for them, and their encurrsion into the Proxima system was decimated! With the alien stellar acretion device undamaged, COnfederation scientists have been able toexamine it and learn much about artificial jump-gate technology. With new, deadlyer variants on the already top-notch fighters being intigrated into the standard models, and supercarriers

today, the Excalibur is almost universally agreed to be "swiftly growing obsolescent and easily replaceable by a Panther. Or a Vampire. Or even a Shryke. Gods, even the wrench that Rachel Coriellis uses to fix a Wasp has better technology in it than the Excalibur these days." This is not incidental.

Far from the public eye, a group opperates in complete secrecy. Their job is to suss out, identify, and destroy any and all burgening threats to the Terren interest before the public at large even know of their existance. They are very good at this job. Their modicum is stealth, and swift but ruthless precision. It is why they are one of the very few groups which use fighters capable of cloak, as well as, whenever viable, capital ships with cloak.

Though many things have changed about the Lance, their unwavering conviction to their task has not, and neither has their effectiveness to carry out their goal. Formed from the few remnants of the original Lance who did not see eye to eye with Tolwyn and Seether's ideals on a Eutopian society, the new Lance have kept the name of their old organization out of spite, and out of a burning desire to redeme themselves in the eyes of the universe.

However, in the seeds of this re-creation is also contained its distruction. From all over the COnfederation and other forces within the galaxy, discontent is rising; far from the eyes of anyone, overlooked and disregarded for far too long, an armada of soldiers is being groolingly trained, for an eppic invasion that will shake the entire galaxy, and bring their hated enemy, the slow, bloated, bureaucratic, obsolete and near useless Confederation.

We're gearing up for a campaign that has the scope to be absolutely *huge*--but I--we--need people. More marines, technicians, Engineers, turret gunners, communications officers, medical staff, cooks--and especially people to play villains. As of now, the Black Lance HQ meets at 9:30 PM eastern standard time on Saturdays, in the #black-lance room of

Now that you know the story, you should also know that the RPG itself has a reward system as the more your character attends sessions they get points toward their rank. This game is also largely about character to character interactions. Flying and Marine battles can take place over several weeks and makes playing that much more fun.

For CZers who like posting the BLHQ uses a chat board for character diaries and casual in and out of character interaction in they days leading up to the next session, this enhances the ability for playing out a story more smoothly or allowing someone who missed a session to catch up on what has taken place.

Earthworm Gms for us and if you'd like to join up, just drop by our room and we'll get you started.#black-lance room of

Many Thanks to ChrisReid for his tireless effort to get us to finally make this announcement.