Jincilla Fighter Recreated by Fan... And It’s Not the One You Think! (November 18, 2021)


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jjm1 saw some of our recent Privateer 2 fan art and wanted to add to this underappreciated genre. He's working on a P2-themed animation project and his first design is a wonderfully deep cut: the Jincilla clan's Veldor class medium fighter. I'm not sure anyone has ever independently mocked up a new take on the Veldor before, so it's really great to see here. If you're not as familiar with your Tri-System fighter identification protocols, it's the silver/orange one with funky antlers. The last few images below are some classic P2 renders for comparison.

Hi, I'm enjoying the fact that there's new and old Privateer 2 content still appearing.

I needed a quick prop for a thing I'm working on. It had to be the Veldor from Privateer 2, a random pirate ship so loved that even Google has forgotten about it. So I kitbashed one together from Drake parts in about an hour (and then too many more hours on this presentation).

Now it's the Drake Veldor, a medium fighter loved by pirates that hate themselves.

It will be part of a bigger Privateer 2 related animation project still in the works.

Original update published on November 18, 2021

Bob McDob

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Damn, that's pretty.
Even if it's made out of bits of other bits, that doesn't make it any less impressive.