It's a Paladin Poll (October 16, 2021)


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Today we have a new poll. Sometimes people ask why Chris Roberts "changed" Paladin for the Wing Commander Movie, but Paladin has a storied history of being reimagined from one product to the next. Why isn't he Scottish in the film? Well, Claw Marks explains he's not even from Earth. James Taggart shows up throughout the series in a variety of forms, but he always serves as a reassuring mentor who's got our back through thick and thin. This can make it hard to pick just one iteration as your favorite, but now's your chance!

The old poll was our annual survey on how long you all have been with us. Amazingly, the majority of you have been frequenting the site for some 20-odd years. Almost as cool: about 10% are newcomers that continue to inject fresh blood into the community!

Original update published on October 16, 2021


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In the past, I would have voted for the "original" WC1 version. But looking back, he seems to be a bit of a Scottish caricature. I never liked the Hawaiian shirt, and he was a bit of a jerk in WC3. The SWC Eye Patch Paladin looks very cool, but I never played SWC so I can't vote for that. (Ditto for the CCG). The appearance in Prophecy is basically a throwaway cameo. That leaves FA, WC4, or the WCM.

With all due respect to the FA and WC4 versions, both with good arguments, I'm going to go with the WCM Paladin. I loved the way that the actor, Tchéky Karyo, played the role. He and Saffron Burrows and to a lesser degree Matthew Lilliard (almost) made up for the black hole of sucktitude that was Freddie Prinze Jr's acting.


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