Items like the Confed Banner.


Just a question.
Are there places where these items can have replicas made? I'll be doing my best when the serious bidding starts, however I'm not one of the Wing Commander fans who has hundreds to spend on collectibles like this. But I'd happily take a replica of some sort.
Will we see items like this become available?


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Chances are pretty slim that you'd find a place willing to make individual orders for flags or banners.


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make your own, or pay someone else to. right now Im carving a model of a Vesuvius class carrier(started out as a Ferret class patrol fighter lol). but yeah, id make something like that banner, and it would probably look pretty cool too (Im good with my hands)


I think only one of these exists. There will usually be a setup fee, so the cost-per-unit will go down if you order more. If money is not an issue, then I'm sure you can have something made. You will probably have to provide the design in some kind of digital format.

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We're always looking at different ways to mass produce things like that. The best way to do those things is to have them made in bulk, and we're willing to put up the cash and hold on to the merchandise. However these sorts of things can take many months to put together, and many of the companies we've worked with have had very poor communications methods.. so most of our attempts are stuck in various stages.


Thanks very much for that reply guys!
Just one final question, you said they usually ask for a digital design. Is it possible to get large posters of Wing Commander Art (such as the Kilrathi Saga box and those Zan art posters) in digital format to have reproduced as printed posters? I'd love to get my hands on such posters but I'm unable to find a large source of these art works.
Thanks again for your help!


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There are places that will do t-shirts for you. So just get that done of whatever you want and hoist that shirt as your flag. The one outside my house is a shirt that says, "Foreign Leadership Camp '02."