It Looks Like A Transporter Pad (August 19, 2004)


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I thought I saw one, once...

Though, what would be cool is if they're USB powered :). The Japanese seemed to have turned the USB port into a generic power port, powering toothbrushes and many other pieces of equipment with it.

(Hrm. Thinkgeek has air purifiers, aquariums, cup warmers (!), and a battery charger...)


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Chillers... I think those require quite a bit more power than what USB can provide :). But I've seen plans to build one (a decent one), as well as plans on more hokey hacked up ones...


Cooling is Easy

The main device that most of these products use is called a Peltier device. This is simply an electronic conductor that will heat to very hot temperatures when electric is applied normally, and will cool to very cold temperatures when you reverse the polarity of the charge.

In laymens terms, you know when the travel beverage heater in your car that plugs into the cigarette lighter? (check first link) Yeah thats a peltier device. Or ever put on that product over your neck at The Sharper Image that cools your neck and body? Yep, you guessed it... a peltier device. (second link)

Its definately possible to have a cooling plate, dont know why they wouldnt do it. But it is also probably a power issue. Not real sure. Hope this was helpful


If you want check out's forums there was a guy there who made a beer cooler out of peltiers that worked on usb.. dunno if the post still around but still can find out everything you would need to make one there