It is done...


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I'm much the same. There are a lot of reasons why I stay off so-called social media, but time is certainly one of them. These days the only IRC I pay attention to is for Battle for Wesnoth development and even then I don't keep much involvement. A lot of the team there also wants to switch to Discord... but I have an aversion to closed-source protocols so it's not for me, at least not right now.


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Yeah, I need to visit the Discord channel one of these days. The trouble is, I have a built-in reflex action to avoid all such things for fear that they will suck up all my time. I think most of you guys have a completely different attitude towards it, because you've been using IRC for so long that you're used to it just sitting in the background. Me, when I see an unfolding conversation, I have this urge to keep watching as it unfolds, which is not so good.
Then you'll love how the Discord has a smartphone app, so when you pick up and leave, you can follow the conversation on the go 24/7...