Is this mod dead?



Just asking... this mod looked good, so far, are you still working on it?

DoF Blackwolf

Yes we are still alive things have been going slow as of late do to coding we dont want to release anything still we aleast get some of the codeing done we are trying things that we havent done before so its taking alot of our time at the moment Mean while as i Do the coding Lemdem is finishing up all the models then ill be working on the textures we will have screenshots when they are done the web site has ben giving me problems so i have been keep away from it so i will not pull out my hair.We are looking for a new web master to be the web master only so the web site can be updated alot more if instreasted email me at


I'm glad you are still working on it!

p.s. but, the commas? :)


Great Jop

hey dudes, man I just found out about this mod today and dude this looks great. I can't wait to play the game, it should be promising ^_^. Keep going at it, im sure you all will finish maybe by the end of the year ;).


Macross Rocks!!!!!

I think the original MACROSS SAGA TV Series (including Do You Remember Love), is one of the best all time classic Anime out there today. I mean it has everything...Action, Plot, Character Development, Storyline well placed etc. What more could a person want? Why hasn't anyone even thought of making this into a real movie is beyond me, as long as it's done right. For the developers of the MACROSS mod for Secret Ops, you guys keep working on it. It's bad enough as it is that not many Macross pc games are out there and fans are being forced to buy game boxes to be a part of there favorite anime series. I say MORE MACROSS GAMES FOR THE PC!!!!!!! Think of the potential of a game based on our favorite anime series with the power of the pc behind it! I just hope that my prayers will be answered sooner or later.

Star Dragon

Hey Blackwolf!!

What's your status? I've been following your progress now and then but since you last post was over 4 months ago I decided to poke you with a stick :p

I can agree with what the last person posted, there is a SERIOUS LACK of PC games or Western PC and console anime games.

In fact the ONLY reason I bought a PS2 was for Robotech Battlecry (what a piece of CRAP!)

So for the last (what has it been?) 2 years now the only driving goal in my life has been to make a decent Robotech mod that people could enjoy on PC...

Let me know if you'd like to do a model share or need voice actors... I don't have any coders as we are using the new Fs open 3.6 and everything we need (like model switching for all three modes) is supported..

We just got SDF-1 in game and now the modler is making one in soldier mode WOOT! This thing is Fricken HUGE...

Not to hijack you thread, but if you are curious screens are HERE... and No the PUBLIC can't get it yet I only JUST got 2 modlers signed on the last 2 weeks!!! It took trashman the last 3 MONTHS to start and finish SDF-1...