Introducing Pixel Art Kilrathi Fighters (March 24, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Funny, indeed. I know I haven't tell you... but it was back in 1995/1996 when I started programming a computer game with some friends from school. I was 14 then and the co programmer and responsible for ALL game graphics. I painted them all pixel for pixel in sprites. Another friend was responsible for the fonts and another one for the readme and manual. The main programmer was hard to motivate... but with all my pixel work I could persuade him to finish the game.
Later, I've reprogrammed most parts of the game and improved it. But yeah, long ago... we even had the problem that we couldn't compile the game in one file because the source code was too large. So I had the idea to use a batch file for start, that was changed during the game with every called exe file adding the entry for the next part of the game. It all worked well and was cheating save because we encrypted most of the data and used checksums to prevent game modification.

The game was written in QuickBasic 4.50 under DOS with an extension that allowed us sprites, mouse control and sounds.
It was a space shooter that had some ships that really remember Wing Commander ship.

Depending on the kills you get different ships ... the first ship is shown on the lower left picture. The second ship is the Arrow, the third ship was the Gladius. The forth ship was Kilrathi inspired. It was quite some work back then and I still have the source code and the game data.

The menu reminds of Mega Man, because you could select between four enemies. When you kill an enemy you get his super weapon and you can use blue capsules to fill up energie of his super weapons. Yeah, I know lame and old school. But still everything self programmed. The ships had recharging shields (first ship had 10 shield of 30 energy), second ship (Arrow) had 15 of 30 recharging shield, Gladius had 20/30 shield and last ship had 30/30 shield.

The good old times...

If I had more time and friends, who really would like to this again, I'm sure I would...

The game had german voice sounds (spoken by me and the main programmer). The language was just German in text. (Abschüsse = Kills, Energie = Energy, Waffe = Weapon, Gegner = Enemy)...