Interesting Behavior with Vista...


Wing Commander 1 and 2 from KS both get squished and stretched when it loads, so you can't really see anything and it's all distorted graphics. I don't know why that happens. Even in compatibility mode.


Wing Commander 3 works PERFECTLY. No freezes or anything.

Windows XP is just opposite.

WC3 freezes no matter what settings or patches I apply to it.

WC1 and WC2 both work perfectly.

I haven't tried WC4, but I don't doubt that will work, if WC3 works so well.


I have just recently encountered the same problem. What type of video card are you using?

Mine was nvidia and the problem was caused, I believe, by conflicting drivers. I had to completely uninstall my old drivers while then installing the new one 158.24.

No conflict, no more graphic issue.

I tried one or two other solutions before that one though and I'm not sure if it did any good for me at all.

Anyhow in the Tech Section of this forum lists some of the things I did to get mine playing very well; including the expansions for WC 1&2.