Interactive Fiction?


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More than 1 1/2 years ago, there was an announcement that FullBurst41 is starting on a conversion of HTL to an interactive fiction "game" using TADS. There even is a thread announcing the project, but it quickly stopped, and I can't find another trace of it.

Since it was linked to HTL, my question is: Do you know anything about the status of that project? (Yeah, I've emailed FullBurst41 already, but he hasn't answered yet)

The reason for asking is that I'm thinking for some time about cobbling together something WC-ish; and since I'm not a programming/modeling/scripting whiz, I'd like to go into the direction of Interactive Fiction.

And that's why I'm interested in exchanging experiences or getting some expressions. From the beginning on, FullBurst's endeavor seemed a bit huge - but even if it stopped somewhere, maybe there are some ideas or caveats that would help me.

Well, 'nuff for now. Even if I just think of a teensy-weensy little story, there is still lots to do before I even can begin to start thinking about choosing the tool...


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Thanks for the encouragement, Fenris. I've done some trial runs on TADS and Inform, and I've got an (old?) version of Adrift and MegaZeux (former ZZT). But as I say, I first need to tweak with the plot and the story I have in mind, and then look what's best for it.
The most simple thing (and also the quickest) would be an "Choose-your-own-adventure" type story, but maybe that's not the best way to present a story. We'll see.

Fenris Ulven

i dont like the stories where you have to everthing
E.G.: pick up cup, look through window, go north and so on.
Its much funnier when you have to make a choose in a critical point of the storie.
EG: help stranger, ingore stranger, talk more with stranger, shoot stranger.


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There are plenty different techniques to model an interactive fiction environment, just as in narrative stories - if you're interested, there's a very good article by Nick Montford on his website..

And also, if you want to wallow in memories a bit, there is another website which has the agreement of Joe Dever to make some of his gamebooks available - remember the Lone Wolf books?


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I just started to re-read the HTL series from teh very beginning and I admit that it is very exciting, although there are some chapters whcih are very boring, but then we have to build it up until the final climax/battle.
Speaking of which how long is this series going to run for?