Installing WC Secret Mission One


I'm having a bit of an issue getting through the install.

I'm accessing my directory through DOSBOX on my computer's C: Drive and mounting it as Drive C
My Root Directory is: C:dosbox\oldgames\wcsm

After this is mounted as Drive C use "C:" to go to C Driver and then type Install.
The Install prompts:
-Graphic Options
-Sound Options
-Confirm Current Configuration
-Copy from which drive

The last prompt "Copy from which drive" doesn't allow me to type any thing. There is a statement at the bottom on the install window which says. "Copying Game Please Wait" but nothing happens at any given time.
Any help is appreciated.



Apparent Solution to Installation:

The install menu needs to have 2 Drives Mounted before executing the installation EXE
1. A Floppy Drive This is where the installation program will install from. (type for example) mount A C: \dosbox\oldgames\wcsm
2. A Harddrive This is where the Installation program will install to. This will be the primary Wing Commander folder (what ever you named it) Mount C C:\dosbox\oldgames\wc

With 2 Drives mounted the installation EXE will Run. (This addresses the problem of "please insert your copy of Wing Commander Disk 1 in drive A:" For the secret mission 1

However I may have dumped the files into the "gamedat". Now WC is crashing when I go to secret missions


I finished the first Secret Mission but I'm at a loss as to how to Start Crusade. After finishing the last mission am to continue the campaign or what?