Indies Plus Cola Equals Wing Commander Review (August 28, 2019)


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Indie Retro News and Cola Powered Gamer have posted a review for Wing Commander. This one is a solid bread and butter review that covers all the bases: amazing production values, winning/losing paths, empathetic wingmen and more. It's a good length with secondary references to all the various ports and later spinoffs in the series. We like to highlight articles like this from time to time since it helps keep the series firmly in the collective gaming consciousness. There's a whole generation of new players out there today, and they're not all finding their way to the CIC. Reviews like this help to inspire new gamers to check out the classic space sim that we all love! Read it for yourself here.

When talking about space sims, sooner or later someone will mention Wing Commander. Developed by Origin Systems, Wing Commander can be considered one of the best and influential space sim ever created.

Wing Commander had a different take on the then established space sim formula, bringing the game and space combat to the levels of Hollywood blockbusters. The game is set in 2654 and follows the Terran Confederation and the ongoing war against a predatory feline race called the Kilrathi...

Note that it is possible to shoot down capships with just your guns, but it takes a little longer than using a combination of ordnance during your attack.

Original update published on August 28, 2019