In WC1, multiple Tiger's Claw fighters launch mission


WC1, multiple Tiger's Claw fighters launch mission?

In WC1 for the Super Nintendo, there's a mission in which that Halcyon guy says the Tiger's Claw is under attack (I think the Tiger's Claw jumped out of hyperspace and got ambushed by Kilrathi fighters or something like that). The player character is supposed to launch along with someone else, then two more Confed fighters are supposed to launch, then two more and I think Maniac and one more fighter are supposed to launch but I'm not sure. I was wondering, do all those Confed fighters ever launch and assist the player's fighter in that mission?
No. But the mission debriefing will act like they did (in the PC version, at least) depending on how long it takes you to finish the mission. (There are three possible waves mentioned in the briefing.)

(For trivia buffs... the winng version (Gateway 2)'s waves are: Blair & Paladin / Iceman & Dragon / Bossman & Redbird. The losing version of the mission (Chengdu 3) is Blair & Angel / Hunter & Redbird / Maniac & Turtle. There's also two fighters in space when you start out... and they explode as soon as you launch.) WC3, when Victory comes under attack, Eisen is like, "Launch all fighters! I want those decks clear!" or something like that...when you launch, Maniac and the redheaded chick are the only ones out there...
Halcyon mentioned them at the briefing. I don't remember if it is the "narrator" white letters or Halcyon himself.
Yeah, they're from the briefing.

(In response to overmortal - as wingmen die in that mission, they *are* replaced. You can go through all the currently active WC3 wingmen... and then find the generic ones (Bacon Boy, Styg, etc.).)
And I really think there's a mission where some of the fighters escorting the Victory has Bacon Boy on it...

"Bacon Boy is more of a warrior then you'll ever be, colonel..."