In-flight combat gameplay of Privateer 2


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I find the in-flight combat gameplay of Privateer 2 somewhat weird. It differs so fundamentally from the Wing Commander 4 gameplay. And I never achiefed a victory with it. Can't tell what it is, but it's weird.
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That's interesting! Privateer 2 is a totally different engine from Wing Commander 3 and 4 and the flight model is much... bouncier... but it shouldn't be too hard to pick up. Do you know to hit alt-r to get a Wing Commander-style radar? (I personally can't read the default Elite one to save my life!)
P2 is the only game whose mouse control I really liked. I found it surprisingly compelling. It works with the slower/bouncier engine. Maybe worth a try if you're using a joystick.
Yeah, P2 has the best mouse control of the series. Playing it with a mouse felt close enough to Freelancer that playing it after I would instinctively use my scroll wheel to adjust throttle before remembering that I was in the wrong game. I don't know if the Freelancer team ever talked about it, but combined with the nav points arranged like trade lanes and machine-gun lasers it feels much closer to P2 than any of the other games. I'd have expected that from Starlancer which had a lot of the same dev team, but I don't know if any of them moved to DA.

The engine is BRender, which was also used for the I-War games although the two don't really feel that similar otherwise.
Odd, I find P2s mouse control with a virtual stick essentially to be the most unusable.
To me WCP had the best (which was certainly close to Freelancer). In real terms they're the same (minus the inversion) but the mouse pointer is a lot easier to keep track of than the little mini sliders in P2.

I'm not really a mouse person but I can happily play WCP with the mouse, not so for the rest of the titles (but especially P2).

But the bouncier physics in P2 I do prefer, there's no momentum in WC4, the game seems to deal in 1d speed rather than 3d velocities (something I rant about in one of the updates on the remaster, for some reason the WC3 3DO port doesn't have this issue).