In episode 11 of Academy..


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I don't think we know it officially (at least I don't). It looks a bit like a Ferret...

Very helpful post I realize. :)


You mean the ones attached to this post? They are actually one of my favorite WCATV designs (Behind the new look of the Claw). I believe some people think they are a Razor of some kind, but I don't see the resemblance. I just think its some sort of light fighter we've never seen before.

On a side note, I really need to learn to take images from WCATV that don't look like crap :(



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Well, if you squint and kinda turn your head sideways, it almost looks like a Rapier 2 :p.

Seriously, I've always wondered what kind of fighter this was as well. However, since it doesn't really look like any existing fighter in particular, it would probably be best to assume it's some other fighter we've never heard of.


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well if you look, and think about it, the ships in Academy don't look exactly the same as their game counterparts. so it could very well be a Ferret, i always thought it was, just as well as it could very well be some unknown ship that we have never seen before.