I'm starting a new fan project

This is Ice Cream Man, reporting that I'm beginning a new Wing Commander fan game. It will be created using multimedia fusion 2, and take place during the Wing Commander II era. Here's the overview:

*A solar flare causes communication between the Earth and its outposts in sol unable to communicate. The Kilrathi see this as a chance to jump in and blast the humans to bits. Prince Thrakath and the Kilrathi emporer jump outside of pluto to begin their assualt. After destroying the outposts around the eight planets of our solar system (I count pluto as a planet here) and put their own antimatter missile launching sites up to assualt earth. Also, Sivar class dreadnoughts are moving in for the attack, launching fighter squadrons*

*Tolwyn decides in a last ditch effort, to park the Concordia right in front of Earth. From there, you will get to select two fighters of any combination and take control of one of them. For example, I could choose a ferret for speed to intercept missiles, and a morningstar to deal with battleships. In order to win, the missile bases and Sivars must be destroyed, and finally, the emperor's starbase.*

A couple of gameplay notes:

The main game screen shows a map of the solar system and the Concordia in front of earth. Once you've picked your fighters, you can fly around to intercept enemy units before they reach Earth. If the enemies make it to Earth, the Earth suffers damage to it's planetary shields. If the shields hit 0, or both of your fighters are destroyed, you lose. To help you, the Concordia will charge and fire the phase transit cannon to destroy a fighter group or antimatter missile group once in a while (it will need to recharge between shots). Also, Thrakath has assembled a team of four aces to help him stop your attacks against the bases. I already know what one of those other pilots will be, but I'm open to suggestions for the other two aces.

In other words, if you've ever played the Starfox 2 beta before, you'll know what this will be like.

So I need your help to keep me motivated in making this 2D overhead shooter. Sometimes I give up if things get too hard. Help me finish this game by giving me ideas and your support.

Thanks :)


Vice Admiral
Sounds cool....If you need any help I'll can make some 2d bitmaps of certain ships for you or somethin....I'm not really too sure what your looking for totally but...It sounds kinda cool...Almost like one of those "Raiden" games I used to play on atari

yeah, the game will be a shooter but it won't be quite like raiden. You won't be able to put up a "wall of bullets" so to speak with your fighter. The ships will retain their game abilities, and the entire game will have a strategy to it. If you want to help me with sprites, the ones I need are the in-cockpit mugshots of the various wing commander characters (wing commander 1 and 2 era please)