I'm Not Sure What This Is (January 8, 2005)

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Mr. Kat
This piece of art found here provokes so many questions - What is a Vampire and a Wasp doing out in the middle nowhere? Where did they get the deckchairs from? What happened to the Wasp's booster pack? Why did someone create this? Oh, and what the heck is actually going on here? I'll let you use your own imaginations to decide what this is all about, but chances are you'll be completely wrong.

Original update published on January 8, 2005
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I've just looked at the website and am still between stitches and utter agony. How in the world would anyone ever....?

But as truth is stranger than fanfiction, here's the short summary for the non-German-proficient WC community: It's a fan project by someone who got carried away playing a WC RPG, and subsequently created a comic around the adventures of Jack the Vampire and Jim the Wasp. There's also the mysterious female, played by Susi the Panther, and a very nice cameo of a Devastator as hospital nurse...

And all in all, the guy behind it also seems to be deep into RPG, Live-RPG, and also writes stories and ballads. And he's Austrian.




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Well, if it isn't the author himself...

- Tell the crew a bit about the project, Lars; I can only relate & translate what's on your webpage.


hm... its not a real proejct ;)
its more fun for me
i love comics

jack and jim, two friends, one funny story with the girl phanter, susi :cool: