If someone wants to kitbash the Midway

gevatter Lars

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I just found this image from a new StarWars Amada ship that look pretty close to what the Midway looked like.
If someone wants to kitbash the Midway this might be a good starting point. Cut of the longer parts at the front, a little part for the intakes in the back and you can allready see it.



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Wow, that's quite similar. A "hammerhead" capship isn't unique to WC, but the proportion of the pant legs inseam and such are spot on.

gevatter Lars

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Sure Hammerheads aren't original but I looked at it and my mind was imidiatly "Midway? Is there an official Wing Commander miniture game?"
Then saw its StarWars....still nice but mhhh...those prices. Would love to try Armada but I won't buy the starter set for about 100$ just to find out that I don't like it or don't find anyone to play with.