I thought i would join


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Well, I have to say this in the seperate thread.

The work you made on the FC is amazing. Yes, it has some "issues", but hey, I know you coded alone... it's a tough task, I know it myself. This is something I always wanted to do, but failed. I understood that i'm not so good at coding, so I desided to withdraw... but Ed, you have all the talents and the knowledge to continue the work and create amazing things. Keep up the good work and may the <place desired item> be with you! :p



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Wow, thanks for your kind words, I always appreciate both positive and negative feedback. If you want to help on Flight Commander, just let me know what areas you are interested in. If you would like some hints on how to code up something like this, I'd be glad to offer advice, plus the souce code is up now.


Yeah, we (primarily eddie) could always use the help. So if you are good with visual C++, or java for matter as the mission editor could always do with some enhancement, just help out as much as you want.


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sorry i guess the title mislead you guys. I meant - I thought i would join ... to the congratulations ;)

hehehe sorry my bad. i've written the PM to Ice, where i explained some things and pointed out the type of help i may offer ;) Here is the text:

Cyberion said:
Ohh, Iceblade. I'm sorry but i think i won't be any use to you guys as I quit coding many many years ago and right now my coding skills is more like scripting skills. I'm using build-in languages into the games to code (script). Some of them are based on C++, but its completely different from the point of real coding.

I just wanted to express my impression. I was amazed at the work eddi and you did, cause i could never do the stuff like that.

As for the help. i'm realy busy right now with designing and scripting my own game I'm working with Goku, who is writing the Script and draw backgrounds. Its an adventure game in the style of the old sierra quests, like King's Quest or Space Quest based in the Crusader (No Remorse/No Regrete) Universe. I'm working in Adventure Game Studio, which scripting language is very similar to C++, although it's not C++ ;) So my skills here leave much to be desired.

But if you guys will need any 3D model, let me know, if i have time i'll be glad to make a ship or two for you ;)

Anyway once again - a very good job and i'm amazed at what you are doing ;)


uhhh... just to clarify. Eddie does all the programming, I just beta and convert and request, request, request :p

So, all programming KUDOS go to Eddie. ;)