I think I might have a Temp SP Fix

I'm gonna go see if I can figure out how to do it now but here's my idea

If the team takes out the storymode and puts the starting location somewhere diffrent then Sol, I belive it should stop the crashing


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But that still leave one critical hub system - Sol - out of the game. I think Bob would rather fix the Sol problem (and any related problems) than just dump the most central system. If Bob didn't want to keep the system, he probably would have just done this already. And he did change the starting location for MP so testing could still be done.
Like I said. a Temp Solution that will allow people who dont have great system specs(Like me) To beable to play with somewhat decent details and not lag everytime I get into a fight.

I'm not sayin Dump the system, I'm sayin just slide if off to the side while they work on it.

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I've already tried to do this - the downside is that it's, to my knowledge, impossible to start anywhere other than Sol in SP.
Damn..Oh..Have you tried removing the Arrow? It says somewhere in the Open Beta thread someone had crashed when they made the Arrow buyable.


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The statement in the beta thread was that the arrow model itself was buggy, and suggested removing it as an NPC ship, if applicable, and see if that stops the crashing.
Well I found a bug i think
I'm in the Omega 7 Sector(I think its Omega 7. I'll check later) and after I enter the tradelane and move through that for awhile it crashes