I Riffed Priv 2


Vice Admiral
I've been a longtime fan of Rifftrax and they have a cuts featur on their website. This allows you to upload a video, or use one they already have, and put in previously recorded quotes from Mike, Kevin, and Bill. So I uploaded the final scene from Privateer 2, from the CIC's Holovids section, and riffed the hell out of it.
If you're interested you can catch Kronos The Final Riffdown and let me know what you think.


Aviation Junkie
I thought it was pretty funny from what I could understand. But that's more because I haven't played Privateer 2 yet.


Rear Admiral
Watched it out of curiosity, but couldnt watch more than a couple of minutes, it's not even remotely funny or anything, crazy.


Vice Admiral
Ultimately, I'd like to do a full on IRiff of the WC movie, and make some money off my own comedy, but I have trouble coming up with jokes cause I get too much into the movie and can't focus on coming up with jokes.
The jokes in the Cut are all from other riffs Mike, Kevin, and Bill have done before, and I could upload a few of my own. I realize now that I should have pulled the video audio all the way back to mute, during the jokes, to make them stand out a little more.
Anyway, thanks for the feedback.:)