I need a new joystick


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I've put it off long enough!!!, about 1 year ago I totally destroyed my joystick (a logitech wingman extreme) but now I have a hankering for some serious space simming, especially the fan projects like standoff and UE so could anybody recommend a decentish joystick in the £60/£40 price range (a hundred bucks us dollars me thinks)
Hmm, I haven't looked into Joysticks for a quite a while, but have heard great things about Saitek's X-52 combo, which is a bit over your budget at ~£80, although it may be cheaper if you look around -- Scan sell it for £76.49 inc, whereas Amazon UK have it for £84.99 inc.

If I was looking for a new Joystick to keep me going for a few years, I would stretch to the X-52, although it may be worth looking at Saitek's and Logitech's other models if you don't want to invest that much money. I believe that Thrustmaster make very good sticks as well, but they're silly prices (£200+) and CH Products aren't much better in their pricing. I still have my CH Flightstick Pro (connects via Gameport) I bought ten years ago and while it is a very solid piece of kit, the horizontal-axis sensitivity response is starting to fail and their current range don't offer much new in the way of additional capability over my Pro. In fact, I believe they still sell a FS Pro, which is exactly the same as mine, but comes in a different colour and connects via the USB port, yet costs the same or more than the X-52 combo, which offers so much more functionality and a separate throttle.


i jus got a saitek cyborg evo wireless, after snapping off the fire button on my trusty Cyborg 3D Gold, they're both great joysticks IMO, and the key remapping application you get withe Evo Wireless is very useful, esp. for old WC games (TAB, T, L etc.), although i still havent managed to get the throttle working in WC1 and 2, but there is a way to set it up.
Get the Logitech Freedom.
I'd consider getting some fancy X-52 type of joystick if a new WC game came out that took advantage of it, but the Freedom has all the throttle and programmable buttons that you need. It's less than half the price of the X-52, and the wireless stuff works very well. Aside from all that, it's also the most smooth and comfortable joystick I've ever held.

I'd second the vote for a Saitek HOTAS solution like the X-52 (which as was said, might be a bit over your budget). However make sure you TRY the stick before you buy. I don't have particulary large hands, but for me the handle was too small to feel comfortable (ok, I am used to F16 shaped sticks which are fairly large, but still...).