I leave tomorrow!


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Tomorrow, my family and I are going on a vacation to South Carolina. I'll be gone until the second.

Elton related ---- I'M GOING ON ONE OF THE COOL ELTON PLANES! Pictures for all.

See ya then!


South Carolina? Never been. I've been to Italy, Switzerland, France, and Japan though. Not to mention my repeated trips to Washington D.C. where most of my family lives.


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Maybe it's just that South Carolina is an improvement over Iowa, though I would have thought the opposite was the case.


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Well, to be fair to SC, it isn't all farms (with a few splotches of civilization :p ) like Iowa, so I guess in that respect it is better. And then there's Charleston and Myrtle Beach, too.

But I'm still not bucking for a position on the SC's tourism industry. :p


heh, as an Iowan...I've got to admit. ANYPLACE outside of Iowa is a fine place for a vacation. South Carolina has some theme parks and want not I think so he should have something fun to do. :)


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Death said:
Well, to be fair to SC, it isn't all farms (with a few splotches of civilization :p ) like Iowa, so I guess in that respect it is better.
Yeah, I guess in South Carolina they're referred to as "plantations" instead.


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Actually, no, there isn't a whole lot of plantations still around. There used to be, yeah, but the textile industry in the south has taken a beating over the years from cheap imports.

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A plantation is just a large farm, it's not something original or specific to the southern states - you'll find them anywhere there's a cash crop... and you'll find a lot more of them in South American and the pacific today.


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Once upon a time, a long time ago, a former Marine recruiter entertained me with stories of recruiting in South Carolina. He said that at the time he was there, South Carolina was ranked last in the nation in education. And the county that ranked last in the state was in his area. So he was always joking about "recruiting in the dumbest county in the nation". :D


I bet he enlisted some real winners.

On a somewhat related note, a fellow graduate of my high school is shipping out to Iraq soon. I just hope they didn't give him a gun.

They'll pass him around like a pack of cigarattes.
I use to live in Myrtle Beach SC. for a few years. Not much there as far as I’m concerned. Unless you like golfing it’s mostly a tourist trap. A lot of Canadians seem to like going on vacation to Myrtle Breach though. Why is beyond me.