I just can't get WC4 DVD to work.


Without the 'non dx board' patch and using Windows 95/98 compatibility mode, the game runs. I can't see the movies but I can make choices and play the ingame stuff.
However, with the patch, I receive a 'this program cannot run and must be shut down' message and no error is given.

Anyone got any ideas?

My PC's specs:

Windows XP Home Service Pack 2
Pentium 4 2.4 with HT
Radeon 9800 Pro with Catalyst 4.10 drivers
Sound Blaster Live! Value with latest drivers

Thanks for any help!


I've tried everything guys. The Faq, DVD software etc.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it going? Or how I can at least extract the video files and view them off my Hard drive?


Rear Admiral
you downloaded everything for the patch right? the updates and the filters? it could also be that you have a different version of the DVD like i did and so you gotta use the other patch


This is what I did:
-Installed the game as usual.
-Attempted to run in compatibility mode (which I knew would fail, but I just wanted to make sure there were no variables).
-Installed the first patch (which contains the mpeg file and another). I copied both into the directory.
-Attempted to run in compatibility mode.

The second patch will never install. I always get a file size error.


The DVD Patch Guy
You mean the game crashes? Click details and see which module is crashing it. I know PowerDVD isn't compatible with the game and causes it to crash, you might want to uninstall it and install mpeg2dec instead.


Hmm that might be the problem. Mpg2 decoder thingy was in that patch in the files section. Do I just simply copy that to the Wing Commander 4 directory and that's it?
I've also got PowerDVD installed but I never directly opened the game through that. I'll try running the game with PowerDVD uninstalled after and see if that changes anything.