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thanks to my good friend Stevie Star, i got my old WC Strike story back; if you want to read it here it is;

Wing Commander; Stike Force, chapter one

Tarran Confederation Marine Corps Academy
"Hay, hey Jeff, Jeff wait up." he looked around to see who was yelling at him, it was crowded in the hallways of the academy, he lifted him self as high as he could to increase his vision over the hall. About six meters away from him, in the middle of a crowd, he saw a hand wave at him.
"Hey, Jeff, over here." He heard from the same direction. Jeff made his way through the crowd. Suddenly he was standing in an open circle, by the time he stood in the middle of the circle he saw the guy who was calling him, it was David. He sorta' jumped towards him, "Jeffy, did you get your results yet?" He asked with a big grin on his face. "I was just on my way to get them." Said Jeff to his good fried and classmate, "Did YOU get your results?" He asked even though he already knew the answer by the look on his face, David was always so predictable, everybody always saw his pranks coming, even that time when he rerouted waist recycling to the showers. Only a few people fell for it, they where covered in waist and had to walk, totally naked, to the other building to clean them selves up. "You bet, take a look at this." Dave said as he pushed a paper into his hands.
Final results of David J. Mc.Fee.
Terran Confederation Marine Corps Academy
156st class of 2653
0.G combat : 79/100
Low.G combat : 83/100
Normal.G combat : 93/100
High.G combat : 70/100
Diplomacy : 37/100
Technical skills : 72/100
Stellar geography : 30/100
mathematical skills : 47/100
Hand-to-hand combat: 92/100
Long range weapons : 47/100
normal weapons : 88/100
Controlling craft
A.P.H.C. : 70/100
Star fighters : 08/100
Hover tank : 73/100
David was a big strong man, he came from a family of construction workers, he was someone you would not want to pick a fight with. He wasn't one of the brithest either. smart enough to reroute waist recycling to the showers but not to keep a fighter in the sky. He also didn't have the patience and concentration for long range weapons.
"Remind me not to take a flight with you." Jeff said teasingly. "Hey, I didn't join up to fly circles in space, I want to be a marine." answered Dave angry. "I don't know, it can be very beautiful up there...but it looks like you will get your wish." said Jeff. "Dave, I'm going to get my results, see you at "DOWN TIME" at the graduation party tonight." Dave nodded and was already on his way. "DOWN TIME", it was the place for confed. students to relax in there spare time. Pilots as well as marines came there all the time, this sometimes caused trouble but besides that it's a very nice place.
There was a long line infront of the score board, proud cadets and disappointed ones. After a few minutes in line, Jeff finally reached the board, he typed in his mane and class and printed his score on a piece of paper.
Final results cadet Jeff Deugles.
Terran Confederation Marine Corps Academy
156 class of 2653
0.G combat : 75/100
Low.G combat : 80/100
Normal.G combat : 87/100
High.G combat : 68/100
Diplomacy : 57/100
Technical skills : 87/100
Stellargeagraphy : 88/100
Mathematical skills : 69/100
Hand-to-hand combat : 73/100
Long range weapons : 90/100
Normal weapons : 86/100
Controlling craft
A.P.H.C. : 72/100
Star fighters : 94/100
Hover tank : 70/100
Jeff stood infront of "DOWN TIME", it was a busy night, he saw a lot of blue uniforms, that meant that the fliers where also celebrating graduation. But he also saw a lot of gray uniforms, that meant that the marines where there too. He stood on his tows and looked around to find David. in a corner he saw a small crowd, marines as well as pilots, and he stepped towards it. Jeff looked over the shoulder of one of the cadets, he thought he recognised him, it was one of the guys who fell for the shower joke. In the corner a pilot and a marine where arm wrestling, he recognised the marine immediately, it was David, he didn't know who the pilot was, but he was in for a surprise, arm wrestling with Dave was never a good idea. the crowd slowly got bigger and noisier. both players gave it all they got and slowly turned red, their hands still stood vertical, very slowly both arms moved a little to the left and for a short time, it looked like the pilot would win. David swallowed his lip and throw in all the power he got, both arms flew to the right faster than a tachyon. The pilot got up, rubbed his arm and cleaned the sweat of his forehead, he reached for his pocket, lay five credits on the table and disappeared in the crowd. Then David saw Jeff "Jeff, come here." He said as he made room for his friend. "who was that guy?" Jeff asked. "I don't know, some guy named Blair." "Is he with the marines?" was his next question. "No, space force." "Good, I didn't like him, I bet he gets laid off within a year." said jeff while he took a sip of his beer. "well, how does your score look?" Dave asked. "Diplomacy didn't go that good, but at least I can keep a bird in the air." Answered Jeff "What do you mean by that?" Dave asked a little angry. "Nothing, say, do you already have your assignment?" Jeff asked quickly. "No, I still have to get mine." "So do I." said Jeff. "Well then, LETS PARTY!" Yelled Dave through the cantina, this was welcomed by everybody by yelling and toasting. All the alcohol was free and provided by the TCSO, the Terran Confederation Service Organisation, they took care of the moral among the troops and Confed. personnel.
Jeff woke up late the next morning, he sat on his bed and saw a lot of empty bottles stand next to his bed. He just got out of the shower and was dressing up when he heard a computer voice speak, "You have new mail.".
Cadet Jeff Deugles, in the name of the Confederation Marine Corps, it is my duty to inform you that you are being called to active service in the 421st squadron in grade of 2nd lieutenant, with all the pay and benefits occurring and blah, blah, blah.
Upon receiving this letter your rank is activated. You are to report to platform 12 at 11:00 and take the transport to Vespus orbital station.
Sncerly, Commodore Dean Summers.
Confed. HQ.
11:00, platform 12, okey, thought Jeff as he continued to dress, he saw the clock in the corner of his eye's, "SHIT!" he said to himself, 10:38, and it was a fifteen minute walk to platform 12, and he still had to pick his bags, not to mention his hangover.
He packed his bags, and closed the door behind him and started running towards platform 12.
When Jeff walked past platform 9, he saw a long line of marines, Dave was with them. Jeff looked at his watch, 8 minutes to go, he stepped towards Dave, he was right behind him now, he tabbed on his shoulder. Dave was surprised by this an turned around whit a shock. when he saw Jeff he smiled, "Jeff, my'man, how are you? Say, do you have your assignment yet?" Dave asked. "I sure do Dave, 421st, how about you?" "59e man, front line, I get to see some action." Dave said.
"the 59e, wow. I heard they only accept the best, they got some high demands, are you sure you're up to it." Jeff said. "I always said I was better than you." Dave teased. "attention, platform 9 is ready to get boarded, platform 9 may now get boarded." "Good luck out their in the field, Dave." said Jeff as he gave him a salute "thanks, you to." Dave said as he saluted back. Jeff watched as he saw him disappear in the airlock. He started walking again to platform 12.
Jeff stood in line and a few minutes he was sitting in his seat on the transport. He looked around him, for the most part he saw marines, They where talking, sleeping, reading and the corner of his eye's he saw a few guy's playing cards. There was a small crew, five at most. Someone of the crew turned on a TV screen, the news was on, the host was announcing the latest score in the Galactic Cricket Cup, only a few were interested, "...excuse me, I'm getting something. This just in, the latest news from the front line." Jeff and a few other guys who hade nothing to do turned towards the screen, "The battle for Midgard is lost,"now everybody turned towards the screen. "Midgard is now under Kilrathi control. I wish I could say that the bad news ended here, but their's more. The entire 59e was killed in the battle, it was a tough fight, according to our sources the Kilrathi got un expected reenforcements and changed their advantage from five to one to eight to one. The Confederation would like to tell the families of the 59e that they can be proud, they died for their people, for their planet, for their species. The survivors of Midgard have been brought to Ross34F in the borderworlds. I think it would be appropriate to have a moment of silence for the brave men and women of Midgard."everybody on the ship stood at attention, the news host took of his glasses and wiped of a few tears, the lights in the studio dimmed. A few minutes later a voice said: "We now return to our regular programming."A cartoon figure was jumping around on the screen and started telling stupid jokes, one of the crew quickly turned of the screen.

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