I designed four new perpetual motion machines

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I can't disclose yet how they work because I have not yet built them but in theory they should both work. One requires perfect manufacturing to be perpetual and to function correctly; the other three require parts difficult to obtain (the other three are almost identical to each other aside from how they move). I designed the former perpetual motion machine on an encyclopedia example of a flawed perpetual motion machine - I corrected its error - the encyclopedia did not correctly explain why its flawed perpetual motion machine would not work.


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Cool ! Now let me ask you:

How old are you ? Are you a young genius ?
Have your parents teach you how important self-confidence is ? I am sure they did a great job at it.

Please don't disclose any information on your invention, I wouldn't want to have such a knowledge wich could make me a CIA/NSA/FBI/Terrorists target for they would want this knowledge to secure their supremacy on the world.


I'm actually 27. I'm not sure if I'm a young genius. I still get confused as to how a car engine works. Yeah my parents taught me the value of self-confidence. I use a course and a machine to make me smarter. I won't list them because then I'd be violating the SPAM rule.


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Seriously, you've got to be fucking kidding me...you don't understand how a internal combustion engine works yet have designed not ONE but FOUR perpetual motion machines...please design a machine which can sustain a wormhole to some place far the fuck away from here and proceed to throw yourself and any of your ideas/drawings/notebooks through it. For sake of all humanity, but mostly the readers of these forums...
There's a quote I'd like to share with you.

"A breakthrough isn't a breakthrough unless someone has said it couldn't be done."

Well, I'm helping you make this a breakthrough- It can't be done. I demand proof...I think we all do.

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if anyone could design even 1 perpetual motion machine that worked they wouldn't be wasting their time posting here...


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Colonel Sanders said:
Well, I'm helping you make this a breakthrough- It can't be done. I demand proof...I think we all do.
No, we don't. The overwhelming majority of us doesn't care :).


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No one in their right mind would say "Well, internet strangers, I've not only done something that no scientist has been able to do before now, but I've done it using a diagram from an encyclopedia, and I've chosen to brag about it here on the anonymous internet before acquiring any proof whatsoever that I've accomplished the phenomenal feat I claim to have accomplished."
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