I am begging, Please!!!!


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I will never, ever understand that someone who says they love a game, won't buy it again to replaced broken/scratched/ruined copies.

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That guy.

That sucks.

I bet you can imagine how I felt when I broke my CD1 of Kilrathi Saga.

Seriously, read the rules before you click 'I Agree'. And just buy a new copy of the game. It's not that big of a deal. Not like we're talking $300 bucks here :rolleyes:


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I think the poor kid ate too many paint chips. Now the question is, how many more times will he make accounts?


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A quick check shows that the Amazon Marketplace site in the US have people selling it on there for less than $10 (Used).

Yeah, the whole business about refusing to buy a second copy on principle is just a pathetic screen for being a cheap bum. Back in the old days, if you were careless and broke your disc, you called up Origin and they told you to mail them $10 plus shipping and handling for a replacement disk. You can now do this online cheaper and easier by visiting ebay/amazon/half.com/etc. If you break something, you're not entitled to a free replacement. You weren't ten years ago, and you're not now.

I think the poor kid ate too many paint chips. Now the question is, how many more times will he make accounts?

Well, there's numerous levels we can ratchet up to when it's time to remove someone from the site. Banning someone takes two seconds and there's nothing that stops them from reregistering. Now, when they decide that they no longer care about ever coming back and rejoining our community, we can turn up the heat by clicking the button that sticks their IP address in the black hole. If they still want to be a nuisance, they can usually just reconnect to their ISP, and then we take a minute and do a more sophisticated block. Never forget that our staff member in charge of technical matters is the most paranoid bastard on the planet, and we can take it far beyond that. If Osiris decides he'd like to continue being a dork, he'll soon find himself unable to view Crius.net/wcnews.com entirely.


Hell true fans will pay whatever it takes to play their favourite games again! I've just ended up buying a second copy of WC2 because it was the only way I could get a copy of the original Wing Commander game with all the secret missions add ons! (Not that I'm so chuffed about finally getting a copy of WC1 I'm poking my nose into an argument where it doesn't belong just to sing about how chuffed I am.)


Hmmm...interesting. I didn't about that replacement disc-$10 thing (although, my brother and I are always very careful with game discs). Still it was very nice of Origin to allow customers to replace a disc for probably what 1/4 of the purchase price.


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PA, please don't "backseat moderate", especially not in public. That "report" button (the rectangle with the exclamation point) is there for a reason.

Also, given posts by ChrisReid and I, in this thread, I think it's pretty safe to say the administrative staff is aware of this thread. With that in mind, that the thread isn't (yet) closed should tell you something.