Hunter craft, demon, too powerfull?


I'm trying to get past the oxford escourt mission, you know the one carrying books and is attacked by 3 hunters in demons?

Well I can barely shoot down one of the demons before they blow up the freighter, ON EASIER skill level. Further more, they refuse to fire back at me, and will keep on attacking the freighter even while they are being destroyed.

to compound this problem, I cant buy a full load of missles from oxford, they are allways short of missles, which is quite annoying considering i could allways buy a full load of friend or foe missles in the original.

this is very frustrating, espically since the demon can now turn on a dime and like to zig zag like drunken maniac.

I'm curently downloading the 1.1 patch, i'm hoping this will fix some of these issues.

Master Wooky

The enemy AI flying is much better in 1.1. I also feel thsi makes the Oxford 3 Mission easier. You can also look up some tips in the 3rd Oxford Mission thread.
To show you, that you are not alone... this is one of the biggest threads in the forum.