Howard's Hornet Cockpit Comes to Life (July 14, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
It's time for another exciting update to Howard Day's WC1-inspired engine. These new animations really show off how much features and systems have been integrated into this functional test. Most of the cockpit elements such as the radar, shield and armor display, speed indicators, gun capacitor and more are fully active. Even the legs move during intense maneuvers! The crackling shield display is especially cool, and we even get a glimpse of the ace Dralthi in the Hornet's sights. Howard's working on banging everything up for the damaged version next.

Auto pilot and Tape are both off in those - they both have little red lights like the lock warning going off next to them, but yeah! Basically everything except for the weapons display, damage display, target display, comms menu and navigation display are all done and working! Still work to go before this is at pairity with the basic Hornet cockpit. Then I gotta hit cockpit damage... which should be fun!
Original update published on July 14, 2019


Omg this is looking like a dream come true to me. For years I’ve been dying for a WC1 remake that keeps everything possible from the original but just improved the space combat in both speed and playability. This has me very excited!