How to make a model of Excalibur of Wing Commander 3 (paper, toys)?


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I really like the Excalibur fighter, does anyone know how to make a paper fold of Excalibur? Also how to make a toy model of fighters of Wing Commander games?


Chief Petty Officer
If you have the model in *.obj file format, you can use a program like Pepakura to "unfold" it, add cutting and folding lines, and glue tabs, for your to print out.

I made a couple of paper models of some vehicles from the 1991 Amiga game "Hunter" some time ago.
If you have the model file extracted from the game, I could try and convert it and create a paper model sheet.



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Those models from Hunter look great!

I always admired Pericles's models. I'm not sure he released this Hornet but it's inspiring.