How many fighters does the Vesuvius class carry?

Vesuvius: 400 fighters
Concordia (class carrier): 96 fighters

(14) Dual-Mount Anti-Matter Gun
(16) Single-Mount Mass-Driver Turret
(24) Dual-Mout Laser Turret

(11) Dual-Mount Laser Batteries
He got that from the 2000Gb HD he has over his neck, it stores all the Wing Commander data.

I dont remember mass drivers or laser shooting at me, just yellow beams.

400 fighters? and why do they call the Midway a megacarrier? with just 252!
They call it supercarrier coz it can handle a hole fleet by itself. Not only becouse of the fighters it carries but also becouse of it`s waepons complement.
That`s what I gues.
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Vesuvius is a super carrier, and carries enough fighters to wipe out an entire battle fleet and an attendent regular carrier in a single strike.
Midway is a megacarrier, and in addition to carrying a large number of fighters, also houses enough support personnel to carry out a wide range of non-combat operations, including reverse engineering alien technology.
Well, I disagree...

Can the Midway really stand against a fleet? I doubt it. The Ship got in serious trouble fighting the fleet of Niphilim in Prophecy.

By the way, can anyone tell me wy the Midway had this HUGE Fighter Transport-Bay you can see before launch? It didn't seem very practical...
theory: the Midway's bays can actually hold far more fighters, and/or there are huge sections of it that open to space for corvette size ships? Just wondering what they'd do with the space.

Also that place IS pressurized is it not?
I think it is...

But looking at the short scene at the beginning of each mission you see your fighter been carried to the catapult... but why do they have these huge distances between the place were fighters are stored and the catapults?!?
.....Its just desighed this way.....

Why TigersClaw and other Confed ships have Runways?
They actually dont need them....

No one knows........they just designed this way.......
The distance between the fighter storage area and the launch tubes is understandable. There's a limited number of launch tubes, and they're located within a specific area of the ship. Fighters can be stored anywhere and everywhere in the hanger section of the ship, and its possible that you'd need to carry a fighter clear from one end of the carrier to the other end, where the launch tubes are located.
There does seem to be an awful lot of unused interior space, however. I suppose we could chalk that up to the fact that the Midway is on its shakedown cruise, and still not operating with a full complement of staff and equipment.