How many cycles do you use (in DOSbox)?


I understand there is no "correct" value to set your CPU cycles in DOSbox to. Also, people back in the day played the game on different kinds of machines, which may have established different impressions on what might be the "right" speed.

So, I am curious on what value people here set their DOSbox to play Wing Commander.
I am currently running on 4500 cycles, but am thinking of speeding it up a notch to around 4800.

By the way, I am talking about the first Wing Commander game here, but of course you can give your preferred settings for the sequels as well.
I just use auto, which automatically corrects the speed as you play; I have to click at certain points during cutscenes, but besides that, it works great on my PC. Not too fast, not too slow!
Mhhh, that's interesting. For some reason, I don't trust that "auto" setting at all. I either use a fixed cycles value, maybe adjusting it if needed with Ctrl+F11/F12, or, with really demanding games (like "late DOS games", during the transition to Win95), I use "max"...

I may try out "auto" with Wing Commander just to see how that works. I have no idea how DOSbox can "figure out" what speed is appropiate, though...
Well, the auto setting has failed me today during a dogfight in an asteroid field. I have switched to 4500 cycles.