How do I played mission?


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So, I'm a complete newbie at this entire thing. I'm using the Saga Prologue release, and I can't seem to play fs2 files with the mission simulator. The mission released a bit ago in VP format, with the Rapier II seems to run fine, but any mission listed as an FS2 file will not even show up on the list of available missions to play.

So, I tried using VPmage to turn them into VP files, but I have no idea what I'm doing with this program, or how this whole layout works to begin with, since this is Day 1 for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
*.fs2 files need to be in the /data/missions folder to appear in the sim.
If it dosn't exist creating them should do the trick.
What? I thought you were on the Saga team, and most of your posts are in the internal forum... Unless you are a different person posting from overmortal's account/computer. Or are you a different overmortal?

EDIT: My bad. Damn me for not reading. :) To access the Convoy Intercept mission, go into the simulator, click on "Single Missions" and run the mission named Convoy Intercept.

About Extracting: VP Mage is a VP builder. You should use VPView32. And as gevatter Lars said, missions are stored in (FS2 Directory)\data\missions\

And another thing with VPs... They should all be in your FS2 Root directory, or the game won't load them.
I was on the development team for a brief time as a voice actor and voiceover collection goon. I never did any of the technical stuff. In fact, every time I've played a new/different version of Saga, I've had to beg for technical advice. :)

I just decided to try my hand at Fred to see if I could make a few missions for my own enjoyment. So far, I'm still struggling with issues like "Why doesn't this thing do what I want it to do when I click the button?!? ::roar::"