How do I play custom made missions?

ChrisReid said:
Sure, just load them and play.

Hehehe... Seriously though Yaksha, you need to be more specific. What game are you making them for, waht steps your taking to try and load them, and what not. The way you worded that could be twisted to mean you made them to hard and your not skilled enough to complete the mission objectives successfully.
lol, of course i've made the mission hard, most of the missions on the game (Prophecy, not gold edition though) are too easy. It's a ship killer and an armada of small ships and cruisers. But i've made the mission and compiled it, but I do not know how to actually play the mission, where do I put the file or what do I do to make Prophecy acknowledge the mission?
What editor are you using? There are two to my knowledge, the ever simple (and usless) point/click/drag/drop and the more versatile one, WCP Pascal. If you haven't started working with WCPP, start now. It's great to be able to do more with your missions.

Once you do we can talk about the steps to go through to get the missions imported into the actual game.

There's alot of support for this program in the forums here.

I'd recomend learning the program by building some simple sim missions, gradually making them more complicated. This will teach you /most/ of what you need to know about mission editing and allow you to have some fun while you're at it.

This program works with Secret Ops or with Prophecy, but my understanding is that most people learn it with Secret Ops because everyone has secret ops (or can get secret ops) which makes it ideal for mods for the community.

If you're going to use secret ops though you need to install a patch to include the simulator in the game (this patch can be downloaded from the CIC's download section, where you can also get the secret ops main package).

Lastly, I recomend exracting all the .tre files for the game too, as this will aid you a bit in your development (especially if you want to add more ships or edit the existing ones to make them fit your mission). This step also makes it easier later on to build a campaign using the files you create.

The TRE files are compressed files that store all the data for the game, missions cutscenes voices ship data, so on and so forth. The nice feature about Prophecy and Secret Ops is that they look in the directories in the game directory first, then check the TRE files if they can't find a missing file. This allows you to edit the game without really taking it all apart.