How do I get to the Sol Sector?


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If you're in the Ginini system, then you're really out where the buses don't run, pal.

But even if you're in the Gemini system, it's a long way off. I'd recommend looking at the full star chart at - you want to go to Sol2 in the end, but you need to make some detours getting there.
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Sol system is divided into quadrants - makes it easier to see where you're going. So, Sol2 is right next to Sol1. :p


I'm not entirely sure of the current state of the map in the game, but you should be able to jump from xxn-1927 to Oxford, and from there to Mastif.

If that jump hasn't been added back yet (from when it was taken out for priv remake) go to New Constantinople, Aldebran, Camelot.

From either of those, follow the map.