How can I help?

Kevin Caccamo

Rear Admiral
Well, I'd be happy to help with anything I could. I don't know much about doing CGI. I can definitely help you guys import ships into the Freespace 2 engine, and I could FRED some missions for you...

For importing ships, I can import fighters very well. I've imported the Epee from Privateer: The Reckoning (Freelancer mod) and I've attempted to import the Behemoth from WCMDF. I made two variants of the Epee for NPCs and Players, just like you guys. The Epee is a destroyable and flyable fighter, although sometimes it can't be hit. Note that I didn't include any LODs for this ship. It's 500 polys, so you should be able to get away (in terms of performance) with just LOD 0.

The Behemoth was just a wreck. It didn't render whenever I wasn't facing the center of it, and some of the subobjects didn't show up, like the Bridge. I was intending to import it for a campaign I was planning to make.

And I can make a decent mission, although I'm not that experienced with making my own backgrounds and autopilot cutscenes. For some reason, I just can't make autopilot cutscenes look absolutely perfect.

And those are the things I can do with FS2.