Hornets Commemorate Fallen Pilots (February 12, 2012)


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Tim Peel has composed yet another top notch Wing Commander scene with Howard Day's models. This one features several Hornets in the Missing Man Formation, and the slight contrails behind the ships give a nice sense of speed. The head on view of the Tiger's Claw is also quite a sight to behold.

I've put together something using LOAF's "Missing Man" formation suggestion. I'm hoping the formation is obvious enough in the current composition - happy to hear people's thoughts on that though. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Original update published on February 12, 2012
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BTW - there's a subtle Easter egg in this image...No one seems to have noticed it yet...
I've never noticed that the Tiger's Caw was so big, when I am looking at their windows.
Whoa this really makes me want to finish my model! And I'm so very close to being done...why did I ever take a break? I'd like to see a battle scene with some of Howard's models, maybe a Bengal and Ralari duking it out with ship to ship cannons while their fighters do battle around them. Kind of like this:
Another vague concept for a wallpaper that someone else can improve upon: something designed for use as a smartphone lock screen/background.