Holding the Line Series


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I have been rereading the HTL series which is quite good and enjoy with a few hiccups along the way.
But I would like to know if anyone does how many more chapters is this going on to and what do the writers have in mind of finishing it?? Will it be good, questionable or outright strange
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Work on the conclusion is underway, and it involves a whole lot of shit blowing up. :D

Anything beyond that would probably get me shot by Raptor. :p
We've been writing it for ages. Given the length of our commitment, you'd think we were planning to make a good job of it, wouldn't you?

Speaking of that, I'm still getting the aces update but not the HTL stories along with it. I emailed Raptor and he said that it might be because the last few were so large. I've got plenty of room in my inbox??? Might I have somehow been dropped from the list? I kind of miss them.
I believe Raptor's "so large" comment is referring to the size of the e-mail messages. Some providers filter out messages over a certain size, for various reasons (some of them stupid, but it's their hardware), mostly focused around security.
Hmmm. I haven't deleted anyone from the list (apart from in response to direct requests) but I would be happy to double check. Could you send me another E-mail with your current address? I'll double check that against the current list.

As for the conclusion, what Death and Rambo said. ;-) Apart from the stories, our big project at the moment is HTL Dot Net, which is getting very close to the stage where it'll be unveiled to the writers for comment and changes. I'm aiming to have it go live to everyone by July.

Best, Raptor
How many more chapters or what will be the total number I think I got about chapter 200 or so
I'm not putting a total on the number of chapters, as there are several plot lines still being wrapped up. Having said that, I very much doubt we'll go over 225, seeing that we're in the final stages of the battle.

PS: McGruff, sorry about not replying to you sooner. Real life has been kicking my butt lately. I went from being the second pharmacist to charge pharmacist at the store I work in a couple of months ago. (Which basically means a fancy title, a little more money, and a lot more work.) Today is my day off though, so I'll be able to get caught up on my HTL and mailing list responsibities.
Just curious how many more chapters to go?
It is getting interesting yet concern to see how it will end.
Any hints you can give us readers?
dead or alive?

umm.....is this story still alive? or is it dead? ;)
I'm sure they'll be around with another chapter sooner or later, but this has been the longest gap between them. You might email Raptor.