hobbes and blair


i have thought about this quite some times and i wonder. do you think that hobbes has any feelings for blair? i mean, do you think he at least appreciates that blair always stood up for him? or was he just pretending? and only doing spy duties. cuz in the discussion with blair about the behemoth for example, he seems very real. "but your loyalty has meant much to me, my friend" he says. is he just lying? what do you think?
If you check out the "lost" Hobbes Explanation FMV clip, you'll see that your theory is right on. I'm sure it's available somewhere here on the CZ.

We see there that, though Hobbes turns out to be a Kilrathi "mole" (sleeper agent), he has a genuine respect & appreciation for what a noble soldier and friend Blair was, even tho' he (Hobbes) must, of needs, betray Blair & Confed out of loyalty to his lord (Thrakhath) & his Emperor.

Now, let me add something to the mix:

Can anyone tell us where Chris Roberts came up with the name Hobbes for the character?... We all know how he came up with the name "Kilrathi" but what about where the name "Hobbes" came from? My theory is that he got it from the mighty "Calvin & Hobbes" comic strip. Anyone else have any theories on that, or can anyone confirm MY theory?...
It's a film clip that they decided (for whatever reason) NOT to include in the WC3 game. It provides us w/ an explanation as to why Hobbes "defected" back to the Kilrathi side. I could tell you more, but I don't wanna spoil it for you.

Enjoy the hunt!
In wc2, they state that 'Hobbes' is the name of a human philosopher, and that Ralgha was given the name by Downtown. In the wc3 novel, however, they claim that Blair gave Ralgha the name after seeing it used in an "old piece of earth literature" (not an exact quote). Theories abound, my friends. Theories abound!
Well, Thomas Hobbes was an philosopher in the 18th century (I think, maybe earlier), his comtemporaries were people like Voltaire, Montesquie (don't remember how to spell it), Locke, and some other really obvious ones I'm forgetting. I hope I am not confusing all of my philosophers from different time periods, but I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong. So it is possible for both sources to be correct, as Hobbes wrote literature and was a philosopher.
I think that it sucked big time that they turned Hobbes, a hero in wing commander 2 , into a big dirty traitor in wing commander 3!!
Hobbie said:
So it is possible for both sources to be correct

While it's possible that there may have been an old piece of Thomas Hobbes literature, what I was referring to was that Hobbes claimed in wc2 that Downtown gave him the callsign, whereas, in the wc3 novel, Blair claims having done that.

Whether Ralgha was named after the philosopher or the cartoon tiger, I should point out that even Calvin's Hobbes was named after Thomas Hobbes. Ultimately, Ralgha was named after a human philosopher. But who did it? Blair or Downtown?
I think it's safe to say he got the name from Downtown. When Blair and Hobbes meet face to face for the first time on the Concordia:

Spirit: Maverick, have you met Colonel Ralgha?
Maverick: Ralgha? You mean…?
Spirit: Yes. Those Dralthi we flew ten years ago, back on the Tiger’s Claw. Ralgha’s the Kilrathi captain who defected and brought them over to our side.
Hobbes: It is an honour to meet you, Captain. Call me by my callsign, Hobbes, please.

So Ralgha already had the Hobbes callsign at the time he met Blair-to me, that sort of throws Blair's claim out the airlock.
When I first played Wing Commander III and saw Hobbes, my first assumption was that his callsign came from Calvin & Hobbes. It seems most obvious since Hobbes in the (most excellent) comic strip is a bipedal, talking tiger.

Naming him after Sir Thomas Hobbes, the political theorist and philosopher, is kind of odd, since we never really get any sort of insight into Hobbes' beliefs on man's nature and government....

Sir Thomas Hobbes wrote Leviathan, which is an amazing book. I urge anyone who is interested in political theory to read it. I own about three copies of it and would love to get my hands on one of the old wood-carved cover copies.

Speaking of Hobbes the pilot... anyone notice that the Kilrathi speak better English than most humans :confused:
Yes. I noticed how Ralgha was quite eloquent. So was Melek, for that matter. The most eloquent Kilrathi, however, was Jukaga. It's a shame we never saw his likeness in movie form. He and Kirha were my favorite Kilrathi characters of all time.

I have a question: The WC3 handbook Victory Streak mentions Dakhath nar Caxki, whom we, for certain, run into in WC1. Is Deathstroke findable in wc3? I've never come across him.
You guys must not have read much of the comic strip: You seem to be forgetting the fact that our favorite comic strip Tiger was himself quite the philosopher (which in turn is quite likely why the author named him Hobbes in the 1st place).

True Calvin & Hobbes fans are well aware of this fact!

Preacher said:
You guys must not have read much of the comic strip: You seem to be forgetting the fact that our favorite comic strip Tiger was himself quite the philosopher (which in turn is quite likely why the author named him Hobbes in the 1st place).

True Calvin & Hobbes fans are well aware of this fact!


Very true. Both Calvin and Hobbes, which is where they did indeed get their respective names. I own three of the Calvin & Hobbes books. I love that strip!

However, I find it odd that in the 27th century they'd name a giant, bipedal, humanoid feline after an "ancient" political theorist and philosopher. As I said before, we don't really get any insight on Hobbes' political and philosophical views. So it just stands to make more sense he'd be named after a bipedal, humanoid feline.

I remember when I first heard Blair refer to Colonel Nar Hallas as Hobbes. I got quite a chuckle out of it :p
I own like . . six or seven Calvin and Hobbes collections. They're friggin awesome!

However, I'm sure that Ralgha nar Hallas has roots in both places, possibly equally.

Besides which, I think I pointed out before that Calvin's pet tiger was named after the philosopher. But, reiteration of a good point never hurts. Good job. ::thumbs up::