Have been palying latest release in SP & enjoying it. Was a bit bummed when I saw the ship prices. Thought 'Great another MOD that jacks the prices up so it takes forever to buy a new ship.' Then behold & lo you did something noone else has done. You actually increased mission payment.

May Sivar bless you and all your Cubs be fierce Warriors.

I have noticed a disfunction with the Hellcat. HP2 gun does not function. Believes it has something to do with it pointing up through the wing.

On the Sabre it lists M/CM/CD yet will not mount mines.

This next is pickiness but wanted to bring it up. I believe you are following WC standard on this but would be nice to do FL instead. That is the inability to mount missile launchers in gun slots. I like to use them and on a ship like the Sabre being able to mix them in with guns would be sweet. As it is can only mount torp or single missile. {{Unless something is dysfunctional with my loading of FL.}

Finally, I am asking cause several ask me. Any plans to put the Dragon in as a VHF? Like maybe to replace the Titan or be an option to it.

Keep upi the good work!!!