Hi-Res Prophecy patch


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Can someone explain to me in detail how to install the Hi-res patch for Prophecy. I ran through the procedures step-by-step as explained in the read-me file but it still didnt work. Its either a) Im a retard b) theres something wrong with my computer or c) the patch isnt working.... please help anybody.....
Possibly option A. ;) Only kidding.

Can you explain what's going wrong? It should be quite self-explanatory. Just run the installer, select the resolution you want and it should do the rest. Oh, IIRC, it'll only work with Direct3D and Glide - no software rendering option.
Yeah sorry I wasnt more descriptive.... If I recall correctly after I select the resolution it displays an error stating that it cannot find the "data.tre file".
As far as I can tell ive done everything correcltly including installing those Data.tre files from the cds like the read-me file says... ect ect.
Im probably missing something so yeah....probably option A :)
Have you copied the TREs (IIRC, DATA, GF, GF2 and GF3) into the patch directory where patch is a sub-directory of the one where the high-res installer is located? Because if you have, I can't think of any other reason as to why the patch isn't working for you. :(
I've tried all resolutions, the thing works, but it still squashes everything into a small window no matter how i set my monitor :-(
I loaded the Hi-res Prophecy patch myself. After actually READING the directions (which I did not do the first time) it worked like a champ. However, I ended up going back to 640x480. Why? The high resolution looks really good but the game wasn't written for it. So the status displays in the cockpit are too small. At least 1 of the crosshairs do not display now and the NAV markers do not show in the HUD, only the radar. Finally, the movie clips are much smaller on the screen. With all that, I was happy with going back to 640x480. What did really kick ass is the Direct 3D patch to allow for lens flares and whatnot. I was blown away by the explosions of the other ships with the shock wave ring that came afterwards. I forgot all about that. Way too cool.
The lack of crosshairs and HUD indicators is the fault of the people who made the D3D rendering mode of WCP, not the high-res patch.

firefox91 said:
So the status displays in the cockpit are too small.
I play in 1280x1024 resolution, and I can read the displays just fine. :)

firefox91 said:
Finally, the movie clips are much smaller on the screen.
They're the same size... it's just that individual pixels are smaller on the screen at the higher resolution.